Tredstep Ireland was founded in 1993 by Aidan Keogh. Born at the foot of the Dublin Mountains in Ireland Aidan was lucky enough to be surrounded by Connemara ponies and terrific Irish horses on his parents’ farm.

Starting riding at the early age of 3 on a hairy 12.2 pony called Ronie his passion for all things pony or horse quickly developed.  After a traditional Irish progression through the ranks of the local pony hunt club, Aidan’s international career began as a 16year old Junior 3 day event rider on an irrepressible small horse called Blueberry, who was immensely challenging but on a good day could outclass the competition.

Aidan honed his talent through attention to detail, self-discipline, consistency, and above all efficiency.  He has trained a variety of young home bred Irish horses from their initial start through to top flight 5* competition.  His focus was on establishing positive communication between himself and his horse resulting in seamless fluidity, which is relaxed and never rushed.  Aidan went on to work, train, and compete in Ireland, UK, Europe, and the USA in Dressage, Show Jumping, and Eventing and has worked and trained with some of the best international trainers around the world.  He has competed at five star International competitions in the US and Europe and he is currently long listed for the Tokyo Olympics 2021.


Aidan’s attention to detail and his desire to elevate his riding led him to design his own half-chaps so that he could optimise the degree and subtlety of his contact with his horse in a manner that was both comfortable and durable.  Aidan had studied design at the College of Art and Design in Dublin and worked with a number of top design companies in Ireland.  He created a half-chap that was innovative and effective and noticed by fellow riders who wanted to get a pair of these half-chaps which were unlike any others on the market.  Aidan set-up Tredstep Ireland to manufacture this inventive design.  It very quickly became the gold standard design for half-chaps around the world due to its innovation and effectiveness.

He continued to grow the company by deconstructing and reconstructing established designs and improving them in a range of product areas such as tall boots, gaiters, breeches, competition shirts, and jackets.  The Renaissance collection of Tall Boots is a good example of his approach.  Aidan wanted a tall boot that would flex with the rider without having to be ‘broken in’ and that was available to the customer in a wide range of sizes offering the perfect fit.  This innovation offered tall boots to all riders across all disciplines, for training and competition.

All Tredstep products are an expression of the same Tredstep philosophy: to provide products which really perform to a riders needs under all riding conditions and disciplines. They also have to embody beauty in form and design, to enhance rider performance and presentation by looking fit for purpose and expressing effortless style for training and exuding elite elegance for competition.

Tredstep Ireland has grown into a substantial company with a dedicated team of designers lead by Aidan that continues to meet the riders’ needs at all levels of training and competition.  It does this in collaboration with many professional riders around the world who use and test Tredstep products, examining the features and benefits  and offering vital feedback.

A truly innovative, creative, and exciting company.